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Fox Wants to Air Roger Clemens’ "Moment of Truth"

Fox Wants to Air Roger Clemens’ "Moment of Truth"


Former Yankees pitcher Roger Clemens has a chance to clear his name and snag $500,000 if he appears on the new Fox show "The Moment of Truth."

The strange program, which debuted to 23 million viewers last week, sent a letter to the Rocket’s manager, asking Roger Clemens to appear.

Contestants on the show are asked a series of personal questions while hooked up to a polygraph and then have to own up to their answers.

Clemens’ reputation has been sullied by extrainerBrian McNamee, who ratted out or lied about (depending on what you believe) Roger in the Mitchell Report.

The Moment of Truth

Don’t hold your breath for Roger Clemens’ "Moment of Truth."

Howard Schultz, executive producer, says Roger Clemens can put the question of hissteroid useto rest and donate his winnings to the charity of his choice:

"People have stood in awe at your incredible accomplishments. This could let the world know that you are a courageous person, as well as to clear your name in front of a nationwide audience, all in the name of charity."

Somehow we doubt Rocket will jump at the offer.

As for the real moment of truth forRoger Clemens? His meeting with Congress’ committee investigating steroids was pushed back to February 5.


Tim Gunn Slams Kardashian Klothing Line

Tim Gunn Slams Kardashian Klothing Line


So far,THGreaders seem generally impressed by the Kardashian clothing line. Check out a samplefrom it NOW.

But don’t countProject Runwaystar Tim Gunn among those impressed by Kim, Kourtney and Khloe’s stylings. Far from it.

"I just think the Kardashians have an absence of taste and I don’t think that that should be perpetuated. I’m sorry I’m sounding like an old farty snob, but it bothers me," he said during New York Fashion Week.

Tim Gunn PhotoKim in the Big Apple

If it makes the reality stars feel any better, Gunn doesn’t have anything positive to say about the clothes worn byJersey Shorecast members, either.

"Don’t even get me started. It is not a style to emulate. I know that the show is hugely popular. I will tell you it pains me when I hear 12yearold girls say it’s their favorite show. You shouldn’t be watching it!"

It sounds like Snooki may be listening to Gunn. After all, she’s reportedly ready to ditch any and all clothing and simply appearin the buff. No way Gunn could object to that, right?

Lindsay Lohan, Ashlee Simpson Our Boobs are Great

Lindsay Lohan, Ashlee Simpson: Our Boobs are Great


Which is more of a celebrity trend: Adopting babies from third world countries (yes, we’re looking at you,Madonna)?

Or complimenting your own cleavage?

For whatever reason, more and more actresses are going on record about the beauty of their breasts. Or just wearing outfits that thrust these puppies in your face (yes, we’re looking at you,Victoria Beckham).

Nice Rack

But listen toLindsay Lohantalk about her boobs: "I like my breasts the way they are. I read that I had breast implants and that I’d had my lips done too, which is such bullshit … I feel great. I like having a shape."

The Gossipwas gonna take a poll of all the guys who have touched them, but sadly, there is other news to cover and we don’t have that kind of time.

MaybeRumer Williscan get on it for us.

The latest star to admire her own figure isAshlee Simpson.Jessica’s sister had the following to say recently:

"You have to laugh because people make up the goofiest things. My boobs are beautiful! I’m not getting them done. I’m 22, they’re up and high."

Hey, we’re with you, Ash. We have nothing againstyour boobs. In this area, those crazyOlsen twinsdon’t stand a chance against you and your sister.

Be proud.

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